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7 Life Hacks for a Breezier Student Housing Experience in Canada

Canada is a booming country with many opportunities for employment and education. Vancouver in particular is very promising with all of its prestigious universities and centres for businesses. So, your choice of studying in Canada will surely lead you to greater heights. However, the full student life will not be the easiest experience. On top of your academic load, you also have to adjust to the student housing life. Don’t let this discourage you!

There are several things that can ultimately bring your experience to a breezier level. These life hacks will help you fit into the changes and make your day-to-day living more bearable. Take time to learn a few small things that will go a long way. Check out these seven secret hacks for student housing in Vancouver.

Share a Flat with a Mate

There’s no denying how the cost of living in Vancouver is tad higher than other cities in Canada, which is why it is very ideal for students like you to share a home with someone else. Living with others does not only mean having someone as a companion. It also means that you get to have someone else to share the costs for the rent, bills, and groceries. This is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Furthermore, one of the things that you have to consider when sharing a house is the number of people that you want to live with. How many people can you stand to have in one home? You can opt for a 2-person flat to have more private space or you can also go for a dormitory type of room. Rental helpers for international students like Vanmates can help you find the best accommodation in Vancouver at an affordable price.

Attend Free Events and Activities

Living in student housing can be a bit of a bore. You don’t get to have all the fun that you used to have back home. Given that you are also living on a student budget; your options are limited to only a handful of things. Worry not! Vancouver offers several free events and activities that you can be a part of. Just because you’re in the city to study doesn’t mean you can’t spend a little of your time for leisure. Cut some time for fun and entertainment that will not leave you with an empty pocket.

Secure Your International Student Identity Card

You might not have known this but there is a globally accepted card for students called the International Student Identity Card. It basically functions as a card that identifies and verifies that you are an international student. This card is accepted in most nations including Canada.

With this card, you can get different discounts for books, museums, trams, and more. It also gives special offers for homestays, local shops, and even in IELTS exams. Take advantage of the variety of money-saving deals made for international students in Vancouver like you.

Financial Tracker Tools Are Your Best Friends

As it has been mentioned a couple of times above, your budget as a student is understandably limited. This is why you need to stay on top of all of your expenses. Monitor how you spend your money and where you spend most. There are a couple of reliable financial tracking apps that you can download online. Make use of these tools to stay in control of your budget.

Polish Your Kitchen Skills

Eating out is not always an option when you’re a student and so is ordering food for delivery. With everything you have to spend in school, a little money to save will go a long way already. Learn a few recipes here and there that you can cook in your flat. Not only is it a cheaper option but it is healthier too. Check out videos online to get ideas or browse some quick cook recipes from books.

Group Shop and Buy Groceries in Bulk

In line with cooking at your student housing, you can talk with your roommates about sharing grocery expenses. It is cheaper for all of you to chip in money and bulk buy essentials rather than getting them in smaller quantities. Shop together and share the cost with everyone. Another benefit of this is that you can try out other things without worrying about spending too much on your groceries.

Spot Great Free Study Areas

You’ll be surprised how creative you can be when it comes to finding places to study especially during examination periods. It is expected for you not to have a quiet and private space whenever you are sharing a place with someone. This can be very frustrating especially when you need to concentrate on something. So it is important for you to look for free study areas that you can go to whenever you need to be alone.

Why spend your money in coffee shops when you can make use of libraries, empty halls, and in-house facilities? For example, student housing in Australia has their own convenient facilities for studying. Tenants don’t have to go out to get the peace and quiet they need.

Are you ready to start your student housing experience in Vancouver? Remember the life hacks above to make your whole stay breezier. Visit NZ Travel Secrets for more helpful tips.

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