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Top Hotel Siem Reap Locations: Best Places to Stay in the City

Siem Reap isn’t called a resort town for no reason. As the gateway to Angkor Wat (Cambodia’s most famous attraction), accommodations have been popping up on every corner of the city. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses, there is something for every type of traveler.

One of the best ways to choose the best hotel Siem Reap offers is to decide on the location. Determining which part of the city you prefer to stay in can make all the difference for your holiday. Here is an overview of the most popular spots for tourist-friendly accommodations.

Old Market Area

Because it is located in the city center, it is naturally a top pick among travelers, particularly those who want to be in the middle of everything. Those on a budget also flock here since there is an abundance of hostels and guesthouses, but more boutique hotels and villas have been popping up in recent years.

Lined with shops, bars, pubs, and restaurants to fit every budget, it is the go-to spot for the Siem Reap nightlife scene. It may not be the nearest base to the temples of Angkor, but you can easily find a tuk tuk to take you there in about 15 minutes only.

However, perhaps it isn’t the best choice for those who can’t sleep in an environment that is busy until late into the evening nor for those who prefer to do a lot of sightseeing.

Sivatha Boulevard

This is the main street of Siem Reap and is part of the Old French Quarter. It is the address of several upscale accommodations, trendy shops, and up-market restaurants, so be ready to splurge a bit if you plan to be based here during your trip. It’s the perfect place to catch a glimpse of colonial and vintage architecture which has been preserved by most of the buildings here.

Interested to stay somewhere near Sivatha but looking for something more reasonably priced? Book a room at the Sokha Roth Hotel, which is less than 5 minutes away by tuk tuk. Guests love the clean and spacious rooms, outdoor pool, and its proximity to several of Siem Reap’s main attractions.

Wat Bo Road

Tourists were drawn to this area for two main reasons—it is the location of the famous Wat Bo temple and it used to be the best spot to find budget accommodation. While it still attracts many travelers who wish to visit the temple, its more popular accommodation offerings today are now boutique hotels.

You’ll also find many garden restaurants, upscale bars, and hip restaurants, and this is why it is known as the spot for foodies who want to experience what’s new in the local dining scene.

Charles de Gaulle Boulevard

This is the main road that connects the center of Siem Reap to the Angkor Archaeological Park (where Angkor Wat is located). This is where you will find high-end resorts and luxury boutique hotels. If you don’t mind being a bit farther from the city center and enjoy calm and peaceful evenings, check out the room offerings here.

What’s great about a small tourist spot like Siem Reap is you don’t have to be too limited when selecting the best spot to book accommodation in the city. Most attractions are within easy reach and there are plenty of affordable transportation options. So, if you’re staying for several days, why not make an adventure out of it and stay in several famous areas during your visit?

If you need more ideas for your trip, check out our guide on ethical tourism in Siem Reap.

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