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6 of Canada’s Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes

Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking places in the world.

No wonder it is at the top of a lot of people’s travel bucketlist.

Canada’s natural beauty is almost unlike any other. This beautiful country is teeming with natural wonders that will surely take your breath away, including an abundance of lakes, rainforests, mountains, glaciers, and more.

It offers serenity for those who want to find a reprieve from their hectic lifestyles.

Yet, it also offers adventures for those who are thirsty for some adrenaline rush, like going on a long-haul motorcycle ride, wearing the specified helmet, of course.

Speaking of helmets, you can find the best prices on Shoei, Arai and AGV helmets at Bombay Motorsports.

The adventure that awaits you

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There are lots of outdoor activities you can engage in while in Canada.

If you’re into water activities…

  • Ride a canoe in Banff National Park
  • Enjoy the beach in Sugar Beach or the remote Bay of Fundy
  • Snorkel with seals in Vancouver
  • Go on a kayak tour in Brentwood Bay
  • Get the thrill of your life on a river raft in Kananaskis River
  • Whale-watch in Victoria
  • Drive a jet ski in English Bay

If you want to stay on land…

  • Get up close and personal with puffins in Newfoundland
  • Visit the Torngat Mountains National Park
  • Hike the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Stay in a lighthouse in Prince Edward Island
  • Take in the breathtaking views at the Greenwich Dunes
  • Spot grizzly bears in Ivvavik National Park
  • Hike across the Auyuittuq National Park
  • Walk with polar bears in Manitoba

One of the best ways to explore Canada is to go on a motorcycle tour. But to be safe, you should always wear the right gear, especially a helmet. Make sure to always scour the web for the best prices in Shoei, Arai and AGV helmets before you buy.

6 motorcycle routes to check out in Canada

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Riding a motorbike travelling across Canada is a whole other level of adventure.

This is especially true if you’re going on a tour with a group of friends or other motorcycle enthusiasts.

These are six of the most beautiful routes to travel to on a motorcycle.

    1. Pacific Rim Highway, Vancouver Island

This route is one of the most exciting places to drive your motorbike in.

It has lots of blind corners, descents, climbs, twisties, and thick forests. Be sure to check your bike before embarking on this long road trip, though, especially the chains.

If needed have it replaced with D.I.D Chains.

    1. Sea-to-Sky Highway

You will need to take a ferry ride from Nanaimo to mainland B.C., which is a relaxing trip. Once you dock in Horseshoe Bay, head north toward the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

This place got its name because of its descents and climbs, as well as scenic views.

Expect to traverse a lot of twists and curves, too.

    1. Bow Valley/Ice Fields Parkways

Located in Alberta, it is a favourite route among motorcycle enthusiasts because of the awe-inspiring scene it offers. In fact, it’s rated one of the best drives by a lot of people.

The stunning vista includes waterfalls, glacial lakes, mountains, and the Columbia Icefields.

The best thing about this route? There isn’t any traffic to ruin the momentum.

Make sure to check to wear the necessary gear every time you ride your motorcycle to ensure your safety, especially if it’s going to be a long drive.

    1. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Described as one of the most wonderful motorcycle destinations that offer a unique riding trail.

The Cabot Trail is around 300 kilometers and loops around the northernmost part of the Cape Breton Island. This motorbike oasis is filled with lush forests, rock walls, mysterious highlands and more.

    1. Top of the World Highway, Yukon Territory

What’s so amazing about this route is that it starts in the amazing Dawson City Yukon Canada and ends in Chicken Alaska.

How this road got its name is obvious – it’s one of the most northerly highways in the world. This means that you’ll wind along crests of hills – meaning, you’ll literally be on top of the world.

Because uphill climbs can be dangerous, especially on a two-wheel vehicle, you need to make sure that you’re always prepared for any eventuality. Be sure to replace old and fault motorcycle parts, like chains, sprockets, and the like. Replace chains with EK Chains to make them last longer.

    1. Creston to Nakusp, British Columbia

This popular motorcycle route guarantees gentle curves that lead you to the Kootenay lakeshore.

Take a ferry ride to cross the lake, Highway 31 will lead you to the other side of the town called Kaslo. Here, you will travel through smooth pavements and perfect twists and turns.

Staying safe on the road

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Always make sure that safety is the key to having a clean, fun road trip.

You don’t want to let these kinds of things ruin your adventure.

    1. Wear the prescribed helmet.

Choose one that has a face shield and protective eyewear. This is to protect you from injuries.

If you need new gear, shop for the best prices on Shoei, Arai and AGV helmets before you buy one.

    1. Wear the appropriate gear.

Aside from wearing a helmet, make sure you also use the right gear. This includes non-skid boots, gloves, and protective pads, etc.

    1. Check your motorcycle first.

Before leaving your house or your hotel, see to it that you check all the parts, including tires, headlight, signals, hydraulic, fluids, and more. If you need new D.I.D Chains, having them replaced before riding long-distances will guarantee your safety.

    1. Prepare for the ride.

Be emotionally, mentally, and, most of all, physically prepared for the long trip ahead.

Eat a hearty breakfast, drink water, and make sure you are awake, not sleepy.

Enjoy the ride

Take the time to use this rare opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Canada.

Also, make it a point to check your motorbike thoroughly before leaving.

Make safety a top priority for a safer, more wonderful experience.

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