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Where to Book Your Stay at Khao San

Even without a BTS Skytrain or MRT Subway connection, Khao San road remains a favourite tourist destination. After all, it sits right in the centre of Old Bangkok with grand and historical attractions like the National Museum, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and The Grand Palace that you can explore on foot.

What is even better is that it offers tourists and travellers some of the best accommodation at the best price. If you want a better selection of room options, a hotel Khao San has is so much better than what you will find from the main traveller strips.

In the past, the Khao San skyline is mostly dotted by budget hotels and guesthouses. Over time, the offers changed along with the arrival of clubbing venues, street stalls, and sidewalk bars.

Nowadays, your choice of guest house in Khao San is more sophisticated. It’s more than just a place where you can rest your head, what with some guesthouses featuring an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and a spa. Although modest, spa facilities are fast becoming a needed requirement by many tourists.

Stay at SamSenSam Place When in Khao San

SamSenSam Place
(Image from SamSenSam)

Just a walking distance from Khao San Road, SamSenSam Place is highly recommended for an authentic Thai experience.

This guest house in Khao San is a century-old wooden Thai house that is furnished with classic Thai furniture but is equipped with modern amenities that ensure a convenient stay. The property was built as far back as the reign of King Rama VI so there’s history there that’s practically oozing out of its pores, if a house ever has them.

Because along with the teak wood bed and mother-of-pearl inlaid table and chairs are cable TV, mini-bar, high-speed internet, and a direct telephone. A restaurant is also available within the property.
Choose from a variety of room options:

  • Standard Fan Room
  • Standard Room
  • Air-conditioned Room with Shared Bathroom
  • Deluxe Room
  • Deluxe Antique Room
  • Triple Room Only
  • Suite

Some rooms come with breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about where to eat or going out first thing in the morning. Apart from the rooms with a shared bathroom, the rest have an en-suite bathroom.

This hotel in Khao San is open 24 hours and have well-trained staff that offers “legendary impressive services.” Regardless of what time you arrive at Khao San, you know you will have a place to go to at the SamSenSam Place.
To avoid any problems, book ahead. You don’t want to miss out on an awesome stay at SamSenSam Place because you didn’t make a reservation.

Take the Khao San Night Walk

Your stay is incomplete if you don’t explore the streets of Khao San when the sun goes down. Many tourists swear by how colourful the experience is—from eating durian and scorpion to getting a massage and making new friends.
If you’re looking to have clean fun when you visit Khao San, take a stroll from one end of the road to the next.
Ready to make that trip? Check out tips to book a guesthouse and other travel tricks when you browse through the rest of our site.

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