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How to Find a Good Accommodation for a Long Stay Abroad

Are you planning to take a study program in one of the prestigious universities in Brisbane? Or do you intend to experience a culturally charged holiday itinerary in Queensland prepared by one of your favorite travel agencies?

If so, finding the perfect place to stay courtesy of reliable student accommodation providers or rental providers must be included in your Top Priority list.

Below are some of the things that you must consider when finding the right holiday rentals and student accommodations in Brisbane. Read on and find out.

Tips for finding rentals

The reasons behind finding the best rentals or accommodations for a long stay in a foreign country don’t just revolve around having the right sleeping space or a reliable place to store your things while wandering around. There are other things to consider such as the budget, peak seasons, and the increasing popularity of holiday rentals and student rooms which makes the process of finding reliable sources and agents overwhelming.

Once you have decided what place to go to or what uni to study at, make sure that you plan ahead to make your travel and stay in Brisbane sweet and memorable.

Below are some of the tips you can count on when finding the perfect rental accommodation to suit your plans.

Plan Ahead

Starting ahead can save you a lot of money and time because property owners and agents will be rushing to fill in student apartments, property rentals, lodges, and hotels when the high season is getting closer. So, if you are an international student who wishes to live in an accommodation that you prefer and would suit your lifestyle, make sure to be one step ahead of other travellers and student residents.

List down your preferences

Some apartments and rental properties allow pets. Some forbid even little children in their property especially if they prefer professional working individuals as tenants. So, to make things easier for you, make sure that you prepare a list of what you need when staying abroad.

Read carefully and understand fully black-and-whites

Once you have decided on your school and accommodation during your long holiday, make sure that you read and understand the inclusions of the contract. You can even schedule an earlier flight to personally check the property yourself.

Special considerations when looking for student accommodations

Aside from being one of the best holiday destinations all over the world, Australia has now become the third most popular destination for international students, following United States and the United Kingdom.

Brisbane, which is the third largest city of Australia, is home to prestigious universities and satellite campuses. Aside from that, it also prides itself for having favourable weather, lax lifestyle, stunning beaches, and exciting nightlife. Looking for the perfect student accommodation Brisbane has can be a daunting task. So, find out below some of the things to consider when looking for student accommodations.


Brisbane isn’t only a perfect place to study, but also one of the most populated cities in Australia. Choosing an apartment near your uni can save you a lot of time for commute and keeps you from stress. Also, considering your hobbies and lifestyle, you need to consider staying near the campus to make sure that you maximise your time every day.


Deciding on a price range for rentals is a wise thing to do especially if you are staying for more than three months abroad. When looking for student apartments near your campus, try to look for them online and find out what other students may suggest.


Fast internet connection, private shower room, a private room (for prayer and study), a smoking area, and the like are some of the amenities that student residents like you are expecting from an apartment and rentals. Consider asking about them from your agent to make sure you’ll have what you need when the semester starts or on the day you arrive there.

Contract inclusions

Some student accommodations are provided by the university, they can be on-campus or off-campus. But, whatever type of apartment you may choose to live in, make sure to pay attention to the details of the contract. If possible, consult a property expert to explain to you the inclusions of your stay in your chosen place.


Aside from the ones stated above, security and your housemates’ and roommates’ personalities are also important when choosing the best student accommodation in Brisbane. When you are looking for places to hang out while in the city or serene places to go to over the weekend, take time to search for those wonderful places online. Visit NZ Travel Secrets for more interesting tips while travelling, studying, and working abroad.

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