A Guide to Finding a Good Place to Stay in the UK

If you are a first-time backpacker in the UK, then surely you have been planning this vacation for a long time now. Visiting this part of the world not only consists of preparing maps and creating an itinerary for your entire stay. Especially if you are on a tight budget, the best way to reduce your expenses is finding affordable accommodation for your entire stay.

Every globetrotter, regardless of taste for lodging, can attest that finding a low-cost place to stay in is like hitting the lottery. As a matter of fact, not everyone wants to pay a fortune for accommodation, unless you have more than enough money to burn or your preference runs from high-end to luxurious.

But for a typical traveler, cutting down costs for accommodation is the best way to have a cheap holiday.

Luckily, traveling to the UK need not be expensive. There is no need for you to fork over your entire travel budget just to find a good place to stay in the UK.

Useful Suggestions for Your Accommodation Search

1. Self-catering Accommodation

This applies to a wide range of houses, cottages, flats, and serviced apartments. These provide facilities for cooking and sleeping and are suitable for staying for an extended period of time. Since you can rent most of these facilities by the week, shorter rentals may only become available in low seasons.

Generally cheaper compared to hotels, this is ideal if you are traveling with your family or with other people in a large group. However, the downside is you have to cook your meals yourself.

2. Guesthouses

Sometimes, the term guesthouse is used interchangeably with bed & breakfast. However, unlike B&B, you can have the entire house to yourself. Aside from enjoying a private home and personal service, you also get served with cooked breakfast every morning as part of a package. All other meals you have to arrange yourself.

3. Hostels

Sometimes called “Youth Hostels”, this is definitely the best choice for the thrifty traveler. Suitable for huge groups, these generally have larger rooms and multiple beds. Popular for students, these are open to any person of any age.

There are, however, separate family rooms aside from the typical dormitory style setup. Furthermore, males and females are occupying different rooms, so if you are not comfortable sharing with the opposite sex, then this is definitely a good choice.

Camping barns and bunkhouses are just some categories of hostels available in the UK. In addition, some hostels offer doubles and singles for couples and travelers who want privacy. All you just need to do is to find one.

4. Caravanning and Camping

If you prefer the outdoors, this type of accommodation perfectly suits you. You can check out caravan parks and campground facilities for affordable choices. But be reminded that you have to bring your own sleeping paraphernalia, and make sure that you book early since the choices for location are limited.

5. Bed and Breakfast

This type of facility offers rooms and morning meals, as well as personal service, making this a preferred accommodation for some people. Although facilities are not comprehensive as that of some hotels, the standard of a typical B&B is quite high in terms of service and accommodation. However, not many have private bath or WC facilities and pre-arrange evening meals.

Which holiday accommodation suits your budget best? Regardless of which one you choose, make sure it will cater to your travel needs. If you want to pack light, a room that comes with toiletries, towels, and a robe, for example, is a great choice.

What to Do Before Booking Accommodation?

  1. Research – Do not forget to do your homework first before finalizing your lodging choice. Check out various travel blogs and guides to finding a good place to stay in the UK. By researching, you will come up with a list of options, which you can, later on, check out in detail.
  2. Reviews – Most travel lodgings are actually rated. If you happen to find one, make sure that you have checked its reviews and seen the services offered.
  3. Resources – Make use of technology. Download mobile phone applications for booking options and specified accommodation listings.

The UK is a great place to visit. With beautiful and picturesque destinations, such as the Buckingham Palace in London and the Stonehenge in Scotland, you will surely never run out of places to visit. And for a greater experience, it is awesome if you find an affordable place to stay for your entire holiday.

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