Home Away from Home: Finding Good Places to Stay in Australia

In 2017, the number of tourists visiting Australia has grown significantly. Many travelers fly into the country in search of an adventure, fun, and photographic scenes. It is a place that is rich in pristine beaches, lovely mountains, and city spots. Its cities also house outstanding artworks, social thrills, and many historical landmarks that everyone must see. With all these factors combined, Australia is definitely a place to be on people’s bucket list.

The growing number of local and foreign tourists make a good opportunity for business-minded individuals to cut a slice of the hospitality industry pie. From affordable hostels to luxury resorts, there’s enough accommodation option for visitors to choose from during their visit.
Here are just a few of the good places to stay in Australia.

Bunk Beds and Shared Spaces

Part of the adventure when traveling is staying in great accommodation. Those who are on a budget can stay in capsule hotels and other shared spaces. Not only is it more affordable than a whole room, but it is also the perfect opportunity to socialize with other tourists. Most backpackers choose this option and use this chance to meet new people that they can hang out with during their stay.

Hostels and Hotels

Couples, families, and individuals who like to have their own rooms may stay in hostels and hotels in the city. There are many facilities that are available for different prices. Hostels are mostly cheaper than hotels. But it lacks fancy amenities, such as a swimming pool, lounge, computer area, and so much more.

Luxury Resorts and Private Properties

For someone who wants to go all out with their accommodation, luxury resorts and private properties are the places to stay in. You get to enjoy high-end facilities and be treated like VIP. Most of these properties come with extra services like a private tour or access to special facilities like a gym and a spa. This is an ideal option for those who want to bask in the comfort of luxurious living.

House rentals

Want to save on accommodation cost or share space with a group of friends or an entire family? Renting a house or a flat is a great option. Unlike staying in a hotel, the entire group can enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a home with this option.

Camping and Caravan Parks

With all that wide open spaces, camping and outdoor stay are a must-try when in Australia. You can choose to stay on camping grounds or rent a campervan and stay in campervan parks. Either option is the perfect way to experience the Australian bush.

All options above are great choices for anyone who wants to have a good time in Australia. However, any plan could easily go down south with a series of bad decisions. To avoid that, here are some tips to remember when finding Australian accommodation.

Research before Booking

Tourists can take advantage of online postings, company websites, and travel blogs when researching. A little information about the property could go a long way. It also gives them a good idea of what to expect upon their arrival.

Check Online Reviews

Check out what previous visitors has to say about their stay and overall experience. More than a handful of bad reviews shouldn’t be something one should shrug off. If they want to have a great time, staying in a place that is highly discouraged by others is something they should not do.

Use Travel Applications

Travel apps and online bookings are heaps of help to many tourists. It makes it easier to find accommodation in different travel destinations and book one with just a few clicks. Most properties listed on apps are legit and pass travel standards. This means that tourists are less likely to be taken advantage of with their bookings.

Australia has loads of fun to offer to the many tourists that come to visit. It also has great places to stay that makes visitors more comfortable during their holiday. So book a room and get your bags ready for a holiday Down Under.

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