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Holiday Hacks: Maximizing Your Stay at a Hotel in Kep

Are you planning to visit Kep?

That’s great!

This place is one of the most beautiful destinations in Cambodia. It may have fallen on hard times during the Khmer Rouge era but the place is still loved by many as a beach town with its former splendor still apparent.

Now, to make your vacation more convenient and relaxing in this place, you should book the best hotel Kep has to offer. And, make sure you make the most out of your stay.

Here’s how:

Check in early and check out late.

During off-peak seasons, you can make arrangements with the hotel to check out late. After all, they wouldn’t be fully booked during these times, so your request will most probably be granted. You will be able to extend the time to enjoy their facilities and amenities, making your stay more satisfying.

Know and take advantage of all the available amenities and facilities.

Before you leave home for your vacation, make sure you have already browsed the hotel’s website and know what perks you can enjoy during your stay. If their site doesn’t offer specific details about the amenities that they offer, call their reception office to gather the information that you need.

Make sure to inquire about the extra fees you might be charged with during your stay. This way, you can avoid surprises when you check out of the hotel.

Don’t hesitate to ask for essentials and extras.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the basic things that you need for your stay. Remember that minor items, such as slip-ons, toiletries, additional robes, extra pillows, phone cords, etc., are often complimentary in a high-end hotel Kep has these days. Just ask, and you’ll be provided.

Build a good relationship with the service staff.

With hospitality as their lifeblood, the hotel will do their best to make your stay with them as pleasing as possible. However, being friendly with their service staff will make your experience even more gratifying.

Build rapport by asking them for some insights and tips on the tours that you want to have, call them by their first names if they don’t mind, and, of course, tip them well. Sure enough, these kind gestures will make a huge difference in your stay.

Notify the hotel of any reason for celebration.

Aside from providing you with accommodation, a good hotel will make your stay more delightful by preparing something special for a special occasion or celebration.

So, before you head off, let them know in advance of a special event that you are celebrating. Hotels would be happy to be part of their guests’ special celebrations. They might give you some great gifts, such as a cake, a bottle of wine, or even an upgrade to your accommodation. You’ll never know!

Whether you are searching for accommodation for a long holiday or booking a room for just a few days, you should make sure you enjoy your stay at the hotel Kep has that you choose. By considering the tips mentioned above, you can assure yourself of a more convenient, relaxing, and memorable experience.

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