Must-See Places in NYC for International Students

For years now, the modern world has viewed the Big Apple as an economic and cultural capital. Many of the biggest names in entertainment, arts, politics, and businesses have made this place their home. It is also a rich academic environment where students can enhance their skills in any discipline or subject of their choosing. There, you will find numerous institutions all within reasonable distance of your furnished studio apartment.

Life as a foreign exchange student in New York City can be very exciting. All the more true when you pay a visit to the best attractions on offer, including:

Empire State Building

Having already seen this structure in many Hollywood movies, you might be wondering if it’s still worth seeing in person. You can be sure that it is, especially for those who are studying architecture, civil engineering, or something along those lines. This 1454-foot emblem only took 11 months to complete in 1931 so it’s a great example of efficient construction processes.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Taking up painting or even fashion design? Find inspiration for your next masterpiece in this sprawling Manhattan institution. On some days/nights, they’ll even let you visit for free as long as you bring your ID. They currently curate 17 collections ranging from contemporary photography to prehistoric Egyptian artifacts. Their centuries of wearable art are certainly worth exploring as well.

Theatre District

Quality student accommodation isn’t the only thing that’s abundant in the Big Apple. They also have 40 Broadway theaters for those interested in the performing arts. Most of these are located along Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue as well as 41st Street to 52nd Street. Many feature star-studded musicals and plays that have received Tony Awards so make sure to get a ticket for one now.

New-York Historical Society

If your student residence is found near the Upper West Side, you should drop by this institution. It’s the oldest museum in the city having been built in 1804. Currently, it features over 1.6 million works exploring the history of NYC and the US. The Patricia D. Klingenstein Library also has 3 million books and other resources that you’ll surely find handy for your projects and assignments.

Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society

For students who dream of working with animals in the future, this park is a must-see. It takes up 265 acres of land to accommodate around 5000 animals. They feature more than just peahens and cobras as they also have snow leopards and fossa. Daily activities here include feeding the penguins or sea lions which you should give a try.

Only five places may be listed above but there are actually plenty more attractions that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in New York. When you only have a limited time, the ones mentioned above are good places to start.

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