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Sustaining a Stable Income as a Digital Nomad

The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t another buzzword: it’s here to stay. With increased rent and housing prices, the agonising daily commute, and the tempation of far off sights and wonders just a plane journey away, we’re not surprised. But digital nomads are all poor, right? Isn’t the community made up of a bunch of freelancers having to slash their rates just to secure a contract?

Despite what you may have heard, nomadism doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it can be spiritually enriching and personally fulfilling, as you might expect from travelling the world. But what you might not expect, is that it can also be financially rewarding. So, what are your options?

Teaching Abroad

When looking to pack your bags and explore the world, there’s one common path that tends to endure, TEFL teaching. If you’re dead set on teaching, then this is great! But what if you don’t have money to drop on TEFL certification? How do you make yourself stand out? And what if you don’t like kids?

The market for teaching English in Cambodia and similar places is heavily saturated, meaning it’s much more difficult to find the coveted one-on-one teaching jobs that pay a higher salary. If you’re looking at teaching jobs solely as a means to live a digital nomad lifestyle, don’t think it’s your only option.

Freelance Work

Whether you’re a blogger, editor, or SEO expert, freelancing can be a very rewarding profession. However, finding clients can be difficult, and too often, freelancers find themselves experiencing a vicious cycle of feast and famine, where you’ll experience a period of having more work than you can handle, followed by a much quieter period. This is often when it becomes difficult to make ends meet. While it’s more cost effective to spend your time in places such as Chiang Mai and Singapore, when you’re busy travelling the world, it can be difficult to immerse yourself in the culture if you’re worried about where your next job is coming from.

Better yet, Get a Full-Time Job!

We’re so fortunate to be living in a world where it’s possible to have a thriving career and be location independent. All you need is a laptop, decent wifi, and the ability and drive to learn new skills, and you’re all set. What’s even better, is that businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of allowing their staff to work from wherever they want. These include increased productivity, better morale and lower overheads. SEO agencies are particularly ahead of the curve here, so consider applying for the latest remote writing jobs.

So, what does this mean? Say goodbye to your cubicle and office commute, while still enjoying all the benefits of a “traditional” job, including a regular paycheck and holiday pay (and what better way to use it that exploring your new home?)

The ultimate goal of some digital nomads is to one day permanently retire overseas, but it doesn’t matter whether you have that all planned out at the moment — what matters is that you know sustaining a stable income as a digital nomad is possible.

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