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Workations: Providing Travel, Volunteer, and Work Opportunities for the Millennial Workforce

In a report published in 2017 by the international non-profit organization Catalyst, statistics show that millennials (also known as Gen Yers) will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce by 2025. Today, they are already the largest population in the working force.

Furthermore, Forbes reported in December 2017 that individuals who belong to Generation Y already hold about 20% of all leadership roles, and that percentage is set to increase this year.

These numbers indicate that this generation undoubtedly plays a huge role in the operations and success of businesses and companies worldwide. And experts believe that if employers want to attract and retain the right millennial talent, they must be able to offer certain benefits which these young individuals look for when considering job opportunities.

What Millennials Want from Employers

1. Opportunities to have a positive social impact

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, Gen Yers feel they are most able to make a social impact via the workplace. In addition, Forbes reports that employees from Generation Y are more likely to stay with their current company if they feel their employer supports volunteer programs and activities that are aligned with their personal values.

2. Flexible working options

The Millennial Survey also shows that they want freelance flexibility with full-time stability. Of those who participated in the survey, 84% say they have some degree of flexible working conditions while 39% report they have highly flexible working environments.

3. Opportunities for personal and professional growth

A study conducted by Capital Group found that 82% of millennials say it is important for companies to promote the health and wellness of their consumers and employees. According to Forbes, members of this generation look at their work as an integrated part of their life. Additionally, they want their manager to care about them as an employee and as a person. Furthermore, lack of opportunities for career advancement was one of the major reasons Gen Yers switched jobs in 2016.

The Solution

Travel with a Cause (TWAC) is a not-for-profit organization and fully accredited international and domestic travel agency. But they are not like your ordinary travel agencies. TWAC understands the need for millennials to find employment that allows them to further develop professionally and personally, to travel, and to use their skills and knowledge to see and experience the world as well as create a social impact. This group of travel experts also realizes the challenge for employers to attract and retain the right Gen Y talent.

In response to this, TWAC has designed a Work-Travel Program that is aimed towards providing employees a “Workation”. This program allows professionals, particularly millennials, to travel and live in a foreign country to see the world, make it better, leave your mark, without quitting your job.

Participants of the program get to live abroad in a different country for 30 days where they get to travel, work remotely, enjoy cultural immersion, and be involved in volunteer projects with partner organizations.

Work-Volunteer Program

Travel with a Cause offers very affordable prices for their Workation Program. Their packages include the following perks.

  • The company will make living arrangements making sure to place Workationers in accommodations with reliable internet and co-working spaces.
  • They will also match participants with a personalized project opportunity. The match is based on the skills and interest of each participant and the needs of TWAC’s partners.
  • There are weekend trips where the whole group of Workationers gets to visit neighboring cities, towns, and local wonders. Participants also get the chance to learn the language and get access to local events.

Benefits for Employers

The beauty of the Work-Travel Program is it benefits not just the employees but the employers as well.

  • Through the Workation program, companies become partners with local non-profit organizations that they would otherwise not have access to. This allows them to spread their Social Responsibility efforts globally.
  • Businesses can gain insights into foreign local markets from their staff who are assigned there.
  • Professionals who are able to travel and work abroad gain broader career-related and leadership skills.
  • Employers are able to offer their millennial workforce a more flexible, meaningful, and rewarding work experience.

How to Apply for the Workation Program

Currently, TWAC offers affordable work-travel packages in Colombia, Thailand, and Portugal. You can visit their website www.twac.com.au or get in touch with them at [email protected] for more details.

The Rise of Corporate-Paid Volunteering Programs

The numbers in studies show that Gen Yers place a high value on finding and sticking with employers who actively support and make an effort to create a positive impact on communities. As a result, it’s not just the big corporations who are offering company-shouldered volunteer programs now. More smaller businesses now recognize how beneficial it can be to provide corporate-paid volunteering programs in order to attract and retain a skilled and dedicated millennial workforce.

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